February 14, 2017

Vintage Green, Pink & Peach & a Wink to St. Patrick's Day

Come on spring! Yes, doing the dance of joy here because it is just around the corner! That means not only will your planners be blooming big time — it means we will see sunshine, green, blossoms and blooms every where we look, yay!! Well, I might be a bit optimistic on the sunshine deal…living in this part of the world, sunshine is never a sure thing! But, we just go with it most days; and on those gloomy rainy days I gaze at my planners and pretend!

January 26, 2017

Blooms, Blooms & More Blooms!

I know we are in the middle of winter and there isn’t a bloom in sight…well, maybe at the corner grocery flower stand…but living out in the country these days…there isn’t a flower stand to be seen. Good news, these bloom stickers are just the thing to brighten your planner and, in turn, brighten your day. Not one to be relegated to specific colors or designs on each spread, I decorate my planners according to my mood! Do you?

January 21, 2017

Vintage, Planners & Warm Fuzzies

I love all things vintage - no secret! My love started at an early age and over the years it still goes on. So it was natural that when I started decorating and designing stickers, pocket cards, clips and flash cards for my planners I always incorporated vintage designs of one sort or another. 

January 18, 2017

Sun is Shining & Surf's Up!

Not sure how you’re feeling about it, but I am definitely ready for sunshine and warmer days! I know, it’s only the middle of January but if you are living in the Northern Hemisphere like me, you just might be longing for summer.

January 10, 2017

Happy Hearts Valentine Goodies for Planners

And, we are off…2017 is up and running and we are looking at Valentine’s goodies already. How does that happen? I’m not much of a frilly fancy girl and that thinking follows through to the stickers I design for my Erin Condren Life Planner and Mambi The Happy Planner. 

January 6, 2017

One Fun Stamp — Five Fun Gifts!

While it is not holiday specific, it sure makes a great holiday gift. I actually got the Stack of Gifts stamp back in August. At the time I was puzzled thinking about how to use it on a greeting card. Well, step out of the box, Tanya…not every stamp has to become a card. The six inch length of the stamp makes it perfect for those long skinny projects…like…what? What is long and skinny and not a card? Eureka! Bookmarks! 

When Halloween Comes Softly

I know…seems like an oxymoron…pairing halloween and softly…but it’s possible. I love the colors of fall, in fact, fall is my favorite season of the year. Out of my love, all the planner sticker designs I create take a soft vintage approach to the vivid colors of the season. My latest planner sticker release, Fall Comes Softly!, is a good example.