May 3, 2017

Sunflowers & Honey Bees, Oh My!

Finally — real signs of spring and summer. It has taken so long for the gray rainy gloom to disappear. I think we have had a recordbreaking run on rainy days — last time I checked we were at 113. Yes, days in a row of rain! You can bet that I offset that gloom by decorating my planners in bright cheery spring and summer colors. Lots of flowers and lots of sunshine! 

When it comes to bright and sunny — who can go wrong with sunflowers and honey bees? Based on a few vintage florals, I went to town with all the coordinating planner stickers in the series. Lots of options and lots of bright!! Always ready-to-ship. Designed for your Erin Condren Planners, The Happy Planner, Recollections Planners; and…there is a mini-kit of small format stickers that will work in your personal-sized planners, traveler’s notebooks, Webster’s Pages and pretty much any place you come up with in your own planner decorating kick! (Whew! That's a long sentence!!)

For all of you no-white-space planner girls and guys the jazzy vintage yellow stripes are a perfect complement to the sunflowers and honey bees! And, as always you can add functional stickers from your stash. (Come on...we know you have a planner stash squirreled away somewhere!) With that being said, I can’t wait to see how you decorate all your planners with this series. You planner people are all so creative, I love seeing the ways you come up with to personalize your planners with the stickers I design and others from your personal collection. Yes, I do have fun designing them; but honestly, it’s a wee bit more fun to see the creative ways you decorate with them.

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Why not start or join the conversation by commenting below? I love reading and responding to your comments. Happy Planning! Who could ever be unhappy when there are sunflowers and honey bees to look at? The words for the day? Smile and be kind.

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