January 26, 2017

Blooms, Blooms & More Blooms!

I know we are in the middle of winter and there isn’t a bloom in sight…well, maybe at the corner grocery flower stand…but living out in the country these days…there isn’t a flower stand to be seen. Good news, these bloom stickers are just the thing to brighten your planner and, in turn, brighten your day. Not one to be relegated to specific colors or designs on each spread, I decorate my planners according to my mood! Do you?

I love how these blooms and their partners work in both my Erin Condren vertical and The Happy Planner. The spreads I’ve included here were both done with the Mini-Kits from this series. (ECV-0138-MK and HP-0138-MK.) I added stickers from the “G” sheet which includes all those petite pink and white houndstooth checks just to cover a bit more of the white space. I am not a “no white space” planner gal. Gasp! I know. When there is too much going on I get distracted so I usually stick with the formula shown here when I decorate. While both ECV-0138-G and HP-0138-G are cute little checks and bring a lot to the party, you can still write on them. The best news is that you’ll be able to actually read your notes when the time comes so you know where you’re going, what time or what has to be done! After all, isn’t that the point to a planner? I’m also not a fan of covering one sticker with another…when I design I work hard to make a variety of stickers that can be both decorative and functional and hopefully don’t have to be covered with another sticker to work for you.

Just a reminder, I am a ready-to-ship Etsy shop so you’ll never have to wait weeks and weeks for your happy mail to arrive. Each sheet is the perfect size for punching and storing in a mini-binder. Look back a few posts and you’ll see a pix of how they fit in a small binder. Also, since we don’t print thousands of anything…there’s a very good chance that your planner spreads will be just as unique and fantastic as you want them to be! But, if you want your BFF to have a matching set…that’s good too! It would be fun for both of you to have the same set of stickers,  decorate out of view from each other and then see how you each personalized your planners.

Be sure to use BLOG20 promo coupon code when you check out in the Etsy shop. You’ll get a 20% discount on your total order. That’s cool. Flat rate shipping also saves at checkout — the shipping costs are the same for one or fifty-one sheets! Can’t wait to see how you doll up your planner or planners with this series/set. If you do post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram be sure to use #trlplansandprints so every one can find you! Happy planning!

If you like matching go-with greeting cards there are a few different designs in the Handmade Card Section in the Etsy Shop.

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