February 14, 2017

Vintage Green, Pink & Peach & a Wink to St. Patrick's Day

Come on spring! Yes, doing the dance of joy here because it is just around the corner! That means not only will your planners be blooming big time — it means we will see sunshine, green, blossoms and blooms every where we look, yay!! Well, I might be a bit optimistic on the sunshine deal…living in this part of the world, sunshine is never a sure thing! But, we just go with it most days; and on those gloomy rainy days I gaze at my planners and pretend!

I had fun designing and using this vintage floral shabby chic inspired series. The patterns are based on vintage floral fabrics and wallpapers from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. Somehow, everything old is new again…isn’t it? There are kits and a la carte pages for both Erin Condren and The Happy Planner. If you are looking to add some floral zip to your Erin Condren without getting a mini-kit there are two choices for the bottom washi that are available a la carte. I have several customers who only buy the bottom washi stickers (the B sheet in each series) since they get a big bang for their buck with it in their spreads. Great idea that might work for you, too.

I know, you are thinking that it’ll be March soon which means St. Patrick’s Day and all the green, gold, leprechauns, and glitter that comes to mind when you envision the day. Well, not to worry — look closely at the Erin Condren spread here — you’ll see a subtle nod to the holiday — yes, there are little clovers hidden in a few of the a la carte sheets. Not one for the big commercial flash of this holiday — but I’m not an old curmudgeon who scowls at the fun of the day! If you want a bit more flash you can lay down this soft feminine look and then add a few deco stickers from books you’ve bought at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or Joann Fabrics. If you like printables — good news! There is a printable kit in this series for both Erin Condren and The Happy Planner. People have left great reviews on the vivid colors and the ease in cutting them by hand! I just want everyone to be able to play so I do my best to bring different printables when possible.

Just a reminder, I am a ready-to-ship Etsy shop, Hurray! That means you won’t be placing your order now and then waiting weeks and weeks and weeks for your happy mail to be in your hands and into your planner. Each finished sheet is the perfect size for punching and storing in a mini-binder or a pocket in your planner. A few posts back you’ll find a pix of just how the sheets fit in the binders. One of the things I like the best about all of the stickers in the shop is that I don’t print oodles and boodles of them. So there’s a good chance that your spread will not look like everyone in your neighborhood! Unless, of course, you want to match your BFF, then each of you can order a set and see how differently you can use the same stickers! I talked about a fun little game you can play with decorating in my last post so hop over there and take a look.

Discount code coming at you — BLOG20 promo coupon code, When you check out in the Etsy shop and enter the coupon code, you’ll get a 20% discount on your total order! Well, that’s like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…isn’t it? Wait…there’s more. Flat rate shipping also saves at checkout — the shipping costs are the same for one or fifty-one sheets! Zippy! Join forces with your friends and place just one order to save your individual shipping costs. Can’t wait to see how you green up your planners with this vintage floral series/stickers. If you do post pix to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, be sure to use #trlplansandprints so everyone can find you! You never know when a lucky goody could be coming your way just for posting a pix!! I am always on the lookout and it is so much fun to surprise all of you on occasion — so get in the game. Happy Planning!

If you like matching or go-with greeting cards or just cute vintage floral shabby chic inspired snail mail cards to send to pals for birthdays and special occasions, be sure to look through the Handmade Card Section in the Etsy shop. And, yes, the BLOG20 promo discount code is good on cards as well as all your stickers.

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