January 21, 2017

Vintage, Planners & Warm Fuzzies

I love all things vintage - no secret! My love started at an early age and over the years it still goes on. So it was natural that when I started decorating and designing stickers, pocket cards, clips and flash cards for my planners I always incorporated vintage designs of one sort or another. 

So many happy memories. If I close my eyes and visualize those snippets, I always see fabulous prints in the way of wallpapers, tiles and fabrics. I remember great times in my grandma’s kitchen, hanging out with her, standing on a painted chair next to the table or the sink and always wearing a makeshift apron that was a tea towel she tucked up under my arms and tied in a knot at my back. We had such good fun just doing whatever it was we did back then. I always felt so loved — and today I associate vintage patterns with those warm fuzzy feelings!

The foundation prints in this set of planner stickers (ECV-0144 and HP-0144) grew out of that memory. I love the combination of reds and soft buttery yellows. In that kitchen there were tea towels and tablecloths in similar prints. I love the complementary prints too — red gingham and pinstripes were a staple in many of the clothes my mom fashioned for me as a kid. And, yes, all of these memories make me sound really old and ancient — I suppose I am. But, at the same time, it is fun watching all of you sharing my vintage, shabby chic and retro love, choosing fabulous ways to incorporate them into your lifestyles. Honestly, granny that I am — it warms my heart.

A little reminder: while most of these stickers were designed specifically for Erin Condren planners they will work in your Happy Planners too. The width of the columns in those two planners is the same…so you can make them work in your planners. Sheet A (ECV-0144-A) is full boxes for the Erin Condren planner — so they are short if placed in the full boxes for The Happy Planner. If you want full boxes specifically for your Happy Planner I would suggest you order HP-0144-MK — a mini-kit designed with full boxes for the Happy Planner. The spread shown in the pix here was done with a Mini-Kit for either The Happy Planner or Erin Condren. Since I am not a “no white space” decorator, a mini-kit fits the bill for me. Gives just enough decorating zip but not too much to interfere with the actual planning that I need each week. If you are a “no white space” girl then add a few additional sheets to fill up the spaces or use washi tape from your stash.

All of these stickers are available in my Etsy Shop right now. Use Blog20 coupon promo code when you checkout and you’ll get a 20% discount. Hooray! Since I am not good at waiting for things, everything in the shop is ready-to-ship. That means you won’t be waiting weeks and weeks for your stickers to arrive. Each sheet is the perfect size for punching and storing in a mini-binder. Since we don’t print thousands…there’s a good chance that your planner spreads will be as unique and wonderful as you want them to be! 

I’m willing to bet that you have something in mind for decorating with these goodies already. You might even be creating your own memories that will feel “vintage” at some point in your life! I love when you guys share the planner love. If you do post pix on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook please use #trlplansandprints so I can find you! Also I hope you will subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss a thing. It’s easy to do with the button in the upper right hand corner. (See me pointing up there?) And, of course, I always love your comments. 

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